Heli Elovaara

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Leukocyte migration to sites of inflammation is regulated by several endothelial adhesion molecules. Vascular adhesion protein-1 (VAP-1) is unique among the homing-associated molecules as it is both an enzyme that oxidizes primary amines and an adhesin. Although granulocytes can bind to endothelium via a VAP-1-dependent manner, the counter-receptor(s) on(More)
Semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidases (SSAOs) catalyze oxidative deamination of primary amines, but the true physiological function of these enzymes is still poorly understood. Here, we have studied the functional and structural characteristics of a human cell-surface SSAO, AOC2, which is homologous to the better characterized family member, AOC3. The(More)
Escherichia coli amine oxidase (ECAO), encoded by the tynA gene, catalyzes the oxidative deamination of aromatic amines into aldehydes through a well-established mechanism, but its exact biological role is unknown. We investigated the role of ECAO by screening environmental and human isolates for tynA and characterizing a tynA-deletion strain using(More)
Sialic acid-binding immunoglobulin-like lectin-9 (Siglec-9) on leukocyte surface is a counter-receptor for endothelial cell surface adhesin, human primary amine oxidase (hAOC3), a target protein for anti-inflammatory agents. This interaction can be used to detect inflammation and cancer in vivo, since the labeled peptides derived from the second C2 domain(More)
To study the biological role of the tynA gene product of Escherichia coli, a primary amine oxidase (ECAO, E.C., the tynA gene was genetically silenced by conjugation with a kanamycin resistance cassette. We used a microarray method to compare the mRNA expression in the modified strain (ΔtynA) to that in the wild type (wt) strain at the time of(More)
The Yersinia adhesin A (YadA) is a collagen-binding trimeric autotransporter of Yersinia enterocolitica, an enteropathogen that causes a range of gastroenteric and systemic diseases, and YadA is essential for Y. enterocolitica virulence. Although previous studies suggest a specific binding site in collagen for YadA, we found that recombinant YadA binds to(More)
Vascular Adhesion Protein-1 (VAP-1) is an endothelial adhesion molecule belonging to the primary amine oxidases. Upon inflammation it takes part in the leukocyte extravasation cascade facilitating transmigration of leukocytes into the inflamed tissue. Screening of a human lung cDNA library revealed the presence of an alternatively spliced shorter transcript(More)
Human membrane primary amine oxidase (hAOC3; also known as vascular adhesion protein-1, VAP-1) is expressed upon inflammation in most tissues, where its enzymatic activity plays a crucial role in leukocyte trafficking. We have determined two new structures of a soluble, proteolytically cleaved form of hAOC3 (sAOC3), which was extracted from human plasma. In(More)
The Yersinia adhesin YadA mediates the adhesion of the human enteropathogen Yersinia enterocolitica to collagens and other components of the extracellular matrix. Though YadA has been proposed to bind to a specific site in collagens, the exact binding determinants for YadA in native collagen have not previously been elucidated. We investigated the binding(More)
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