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In the present study, our first experiences with the ATP Tumour Chemosensitivity Assay (ATP-TCA), a novel method for pretherapeutic drug testing, are reported. During one year, a total of 111 samples obtained from patients suffering from different gynaecological malignancies (ovary: 53, breast: 41, others: 17) were sent for chemosensitivity testing. The(More)
Surges of luteinizing hormone (LH) in serum that result in luteinization, but occur prematurely with respect to the diameter of the leading follicle, frustrate attempts to induce multiple follicular maturation for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in a number of women. We examined the possibility of blocking premature LH surges by the administration of(More)
In animals without myocardial infarction the new beta-sympathicolytic agent atenolol (4-[2'-hydroxy-3'-iso-propylaminopropoxy]-phenyl acetamide, ICI 66 082) dose-dependently decreased heart rate, systolic aortic pressure and cardiac output. Coronary mean flow, coronary resistance, stroke volume, left ventricular enddiastolic pressure and total peripheral(More)
  • H Hübner
  • 1989
The advances in lid and orbital surgery are due to the improvements made in diagnostic equipment and to technical refinements. Modern imaging techniques now provide exact preoperative analyses, especially for orbital disorders. New suture and implant materials have been introduced, and the use of the operating microscope and of various types of lasers has(More)