Helge Grenager Solheim

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This paper describes the requirements handling process of a set of research projects, the ATHENA IP, and how this process is supported by modeling and visualizing requirement structures. First, users and external stakeholders register requirements through easy-to-use Web interfaces. Then developers and managers utilize an integrated modeling tool for visual(More)
This paper extends the definition and role of Enterprise Modelling (EM), and describes recent research results that have lead to the definition of the next generation of what the authors call Visual Enterprise Scenes (EVS). The focus is on the transition from EM to EVS and what the implications will be for industry, developers of solutions, system(More)
The Project Execution and Management Environment Server (PEME) is a software platform implementing the Model Designed User Environments. PEME is also a Web-based context management system where context has to do with contents, organizations and tools. PEME is generated from knowledge models. The main purpose of PEME is to provide an intermediate layer(More)
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