Helge Burmeister

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It is not known if a previous periacetabular osteotomy poses technical difficulties and may increase the incidence of complications after total hip arthroplasty. The records of 41 patients who had THA after periacetabular osteotomy were evaluated. Followup averaged 6.9 years (range, 2-14 years). The average interval from osteotomy to total hip arthroplasty(More)
OBJECTIVE A previous study of radiofrequency neurotomy of the articular branches of the obturator nerve for hip joint pain produced modest results. Based on an anatomical and radiological study, we sought to define a potentially more effective radiofrequency method. DESIGN Ten cadavers were studied, four of them bilaterally. The obturator nerve and its(More)
BACKGROUND Isolated lateral malleolar fractures usually result from a supination-external rotation (SER) injury and may include a deltoid ligament rupture. The necessity of operative treatment is based on the recognition of a relevant medial soft-tissue disruption. Currently used tests to assess ankle stability include manual stress radiographs and gravity(More)
OBJECTIVE The block of the obturator nerve is used in pain medicine mostly for the management of acute pain after lower limb surgery or for chronic hip pain. The aim of this study was to define an injection technique based on an anatomical investigation and a magnetic resonance (MRI) analysis. DESIGN Ten cadavers were studied, four of them bilaterally.(More)