Helga Waschkowski

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BACKGROUND To date, nearly all research of subtype differences in ADHD has been performed in children and only two studies, with conflicting results, have covered this subject in adults with ADHD. OBJECTIVE This study examined subtype differences in the clinical presentation of ADHD-symptoms, related psychopathological features, psychosocial functioning(More)
Experiences, goals and results obtained with the "Mannheimer Starthilfe-Project" over five years (1983-1988) regarding on-the-job vocational rehabilitation for mentally impaired persons are presented. In an aftercare programme 350 patients (mainly suffering from psychotic disorders) have so far been referred to 68 on-the-job vocational placements in 42(More)
The participation of social work in inpatient psychiatric care is generally considered necessary, but there is a lack of empirical studies in this field. The analyses presented of a systematic documentation of social work interventions in 2038 cases during an 11-year period demonstrate that social workers are mostly involved in the treatment of chronic and(More)
Therapy outcome is an important criterium for quality assurance. In this study, clinical social workers themselves estimated the outcome of their interventions in 2643 admissions of 2038 patients to a psychiatric hospital. These inpatients had been referred by a psychiatrist to the social worker and comprised 27 % of all patients admitted to the hospital(More)
OBJECTIVE Theoretical background and first results of a vocational rehabilitation program for unemployed persons with chronic psychiatric disabilities will be presented. The aim of the program is job-placement in the regular labour market. METHODS After a 3-month preparatory period the participants were given the possibility of "training on-the-job" in(More)
Based on the standardized data of 2643 treatment episodes documented over 11 years in a psychiatric hospital, this study investigates the issues, activities, and outcome of social work with 2038 psychiatric inpatients from the perspective of quality assurance. A primary objective was to study how the social workers' interventions relate to the patients'(More)
Die Notwendigkeit sozialarbeiterischer Maßnahmen in der stationären psychiatrischen Versorgung ist allgemein anerkannt, doch gibt es hierzu bislang nur wenige empirische Untersuchungen. Die Auswertung einer systematischen Dokumentation dieser Interventionen über elf Jahre bei 2038 Fällen zeigt, daß eine Indikation für sozialarbeiterische Mitbetreuung vor(More)
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