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The specific substitution, using highly selective techniques, of catalytic and/or noncatalytic zinc ions by cobaltous ions in horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase (EC has been studied with(More)
1. The steady-state parameters kcat and Km and the rate constants of hydride transfer for the substrates isopropanol/acetone; (S)-2-butanol, (R)-2-butanol/2-butanone; (S)-2-pentanol,(More)
Abstract 1. 1. Leuconostoc mesenteroides alcohol dehydrogenase is an acidic protein (pI =4.1) with a mol wt of 135,000 consisting of 4 identical subunits. 2. 2. It contains 2 Zn atoms and 5 cysteine(More)
The active-site zinc atom of the beta 1 beta 1 isozyme of class I alcohol dehydrogenase (EC from human liver was specifically removed by the chelating agent dipicolinic acid. From beta 1(More)