Helga Poczewski

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Podocalyxin is the major sialoprotein in the glycocalyx of glomerular podocytes. Here we report on its extraglomerular localization, using a monospe-cific antibody which was obtained by affinity purification of IgG on nitrocellulose transfers of glomerular podocalyxin. By indirect immunofluorescence, podo-calyxin was found in the blood vessels of several(More)
Several recent studies have focused on similarities between glomerular podocytes and neurons because the two cells share a specialized cytoskeletal organization and several expression-restricted proteins, such as nephrin and synaptopodin. In neurons, the small guanosine triphosphatase Rab3A and its effector rabphilin-3A form a complex required for the(More)
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