Helga M. Leonardt Hendriks

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BACKGROUND To improve the quality of the physiotherapy management in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) a Dutch practice guideline, based on current scientific evidence and best practice, was developed. This guideline comprised all elements of a structured approach (assessment, treatment and evaluation) and was based on the Internatio-nal(More)
Observational studies of sitting have shown that, during spontaneous sitting, people adopt a variety of postures. Various researchers have formulated theories to explain why people adopt their sitting postures. Branton (1969) hypothesized that there is continual need for postural stability while sitting. Dempster (1955) stated that additional stability(More)
System The term "scientific visualization" conjures up mental images of molecules reacting or velocity vectors whizzing around. Yet, visualization is migrating beyond the scientific domain because it maps not only numerical, but all data into visual representations. This panel compares several visualization method-ologies and how they have employed advanced(More)
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