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In a retrospective study glucose metabolism was investigated in 206 patients with acromegaly and 131 patients with Cushing's disease. 40.5% of the patients with hypersomatotropism and 32.0% of the patients with hypercortisolism suffered from overt diabetes mellitus. Impaired glucose tolerance was present prior to therapy in 28.2% and 30.6% of the patients,(More)
We studied plasma cortisol levels at 00:00 h and 08:00 h in 103 patients with Cushing's syndrome and 144 patients in whom this diagnosis had been excluded. These patients were hospitalized in our department from 1975 to 1996. Additionally, we measured these parameters in 20 healthy volunteers and in 5 patients with nonendocrine disease. Corresponding data(More)
Cushing's syndrome (CS) is associated with low fat-free mass, but it is unclear whether hypercortisolism causes a loss of whole body protein. Body composition was studied prospectively in 15 patients with untreated CS (n = 14 pituitary adenoma; n = 1 adrenal adenoma), in 15 nonobese healthy controls, and in 15 weight-matched obese controls by 3 different(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple-endocrine-neoplasia-type-1 (MEN1) is an autosomal-dominant inherited disorder characterized by the combined occurrence of primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT), gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP), adenomas of the pituitary gland (APA), adrenal cortical tumors (ADR) and other tumors. As the tumors appear in an unpredictable(More)
Molecular genetics recently uncovered the mystery of the protean picture of McCune-Albright syndrome by identification of the somatic gain of function mutations in the GNAS1 gene. Here we present an adult patient with fibrous dysplasia and an endocrinopathy resulting in unusual giant height. The clinical diagnosis in the patient could be confirmed by(More)
The vast majority of Caucasian patients presenting with hereditary hemochromatosis demonstrate a single homozygous missense mutation in the HFE gene (C282Y). The underlying genetic defects in hemochromatosis patients of non-Caucasian origin are largely unknown. A 48-year-old man of Vietnamese origin presented with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus,(More)
Ectopic secretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) is an infrequent cause of Cushing's syndrome. We report a case of ectopic ACTH syndrome caused by a pheochromocytoma. A 53-year-old female with clinical features of Cushing s syndrome presented with serious recurrent hypertensive crisis. Endocrinological investigation confirmed the diagnosis of ectopic(More)