Helga Andree

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In 1985 we isolated a new vascular anticoagulant protein VAC alpha, now called annexin V, with a high binding affinity (Kd less than 10(-10) M) for phospholipids. Its anticoagulant effect was attributed to displacement of coagulation factors from the phospholipid membrane. The present study demonstrates that the inhibition of prothrombinase activity by(More)
The antiphospholipid syndrome is a thrombophilic condition marked by antibodies that recognize anionic phospholipid-protein cofactor complexes. We recently reported that exposure to IgG fractions from antiphospholipid patients reduces the level of annexin-V, a phospholipid-binding anticoagulant protein, on cultured trophoblasts and endothelial cells and(More)
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