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The release of biocides (benzoic, sorbic and boric acids) incorporated into modified silica films was investigated with respect to composite structure. The liberation rates of the embedded acids are proportional to the biocide-to-silica ratio and are changed by adding soluble polymers such as hydroxypropylcellulose. The rates of liberation correlate with(More)
Manganese/TiO2 composites are prepared by a solvothermal process starting from the precursors titanium propoxide and manganese nitrate. The solvothermal processes are driven at temperatures of 140 °C or 180 °C. The formation of anatase as crystalline TiO2-phase was determined by XRD for preparation conditions at 180 °C. The occurance of crystalline phases(More)
Silver nanoparticles embedded in SiO2 particles of micrometer size are prepared using spray drying. The spray drying is performed with a SiO2 sol (solvent water:ethanol 4: 1) containing SiO2 and silver particles of nanometer size. During spray drying the SiO2 nanoparticles aggregate to SiO2 microspheres whereas the silver particles exhibit only a small(More)
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