Helenice de Andrade Marigo

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Osteosarcomas are primary malignant bone tumours in which mesenchymal cells produce osteoid. It is generally the most common malignant bone neoplasm, although lesions of the jaw are uncommon. Osteosarcoma of the jaw (JOS) presents a lower incidence of metastasis and a better prognosis than osteosarcoma of the long bones. However, patients with JOS can(More)
Odontogenic myxomas are considered to be a benign odontogenic tumor with locally aggressive behavior, non-metastasizing neoplasm of the jaw bones. It derives from the dental mesenchyme or periodontal ligament. Despite the benign nature of these lesions, there is a high rate of local recurrence after curettage alone and in certain cases requires adequate(More)
A high proliferative activity of the odontogenic epithelium in ameloblastoma (AM) and keratocystic odontogenic tumor (KOT) has been demonstrated. However, no previous study has simultaneously evaluated cell proliferation and apoptotic indexes in AM and KOT, comparing both lesions. The aim of this study was to assess and compare cell proliferation and(More)
OBJECTIVE The aims of the present study were to investigate the effect of low-intensity laser irradiation on the total number of mast cells as well as the percentage of degranulation in human gingiva. Blood vessel dilation was also evaluated. BACKGROUND DATA It has been proposed that low-intensity laser irradiation can ameliorate pain, swelling, and(More)
OBJECTIVES Keratocystic odontogenic tumors (KOTs), also known as odontogenic keratocysts, were recently classified as a benign neoplasia due to the aggressive clinical behavior. Although several studies have shown the high proliferative activity of the epithelial lining, few studies have evaluated apoptosis in KOTs. Therefore, the aim of this study is to(More)
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