Heleni Vastardis

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Delayed tooth eruption (DTE) is the emergence of a tooth into the oral cavity at a time that deviates significantly from norms established for different races, ethnicities, and sexes. This article reviews the local and systemic conditions under which DTE has been reported to occur. The terminology related to disturbances in tooth eruption is also reviewed(More)
Previously, we reported NELL-1 as a novel molecule overexpressed during premature cranial suture closure in patients with craniosynostosis (CS), one of the most common congenital craniofacial deformities. Here we describe the creation and analysis of transgenic mice overexpressing Nell-1. Nell-1 transgenic animals exhibited CS-like phenotypes that ranged(More)
BACKGROUND Hajdu-Cheney syndrome (HCS) is an inheritable, rare disorder of bone metabolism, associated with acro-osteolysis of the distal phalanges, short stature, distinctive craniofacial and skull changes, premature tooth loss, and periodontitis. This report focuses on the periodontal manifestations of HCS. METHODS A 22-year-old female presented with(More)
We studied the cellular function of Nell-1, a craniosynostosis-related gene, in craniofacial development. Nell-1 modulates calvarial osteoblast differentiation and apoptosis pathways. Nell-1 overexpression disrupts these pathways resulting in craniofacial anomalies such as premature suture closure. INTRODUCTION Craniosynostosis (CS), one of the most(More)
Stem cell factor (SCF) is the pleiotropic ligand for the tyrosine kinase receptor, c-kit. Ligand and receptor are usually expressed in different cell types, and binding of SCF to c-kit promotes cell proliferation, differentiation, and recruitment of progenitor cells in various biologic systems. However, the localization of these two molecules in cells of(More)
Normal extension and skull expansion is a synchronized process that prevails along the osteogenic intersections of the cranial sutures. Cranial sutures operate as bone growth sites allowing swift bone generation at the edges of the bone fronts while they remain patent. Premature fusion of one or more cranial sutures can trigger craniosynostosis, a birth(More)
It has been demonstrated that APOBEC3B possesses cytidine deaminase activity, which is likely to result in C-to-T signature mutations. Increased expression of the APOBEC3B gene has been shown to correlate with higher incidence of such mutations in various cancer types, such as breast, bladder, lung, and head and neck carcinomas. In the current study, we(More)
INTRODUCTION Distraction osteogenesis has gained popularity because of the hypothesized concurrent soft-tissue expansion, which is believed to reduce postoperative relapse. Although many articles describe the immediate success of mandibular distraction, little research has been done on its long-term stability. Our goal was to examine the long-term(More)
The rare opportunity to study a human fetus showing bilateral clefting of the lower lip along with other associated anomalies resembling those of the equally rare Pena-Shokeir phenotype prompts this report. The scarcity of reports on bilateral clefts of the lower lip has strengthened the conventional understanding or, perhaps even dogma that the lower lip(More)
Elf menschliche Unterkiefer von Embryonen und Feten der Größe zwischen 18 und 66 mm Scheitel-Steiß-Länge (SSL) wurden als Schnittserien präpariert und computergraphisch rekonstruiert. Die Ausdehnung des Meckelschen Knorpels und der mandibulären Verknöcherungen wurden in der Horizontalebene morphometrisch untersucht und vor allem Meßwerte zur Beschreibung(More)