Helene de Vos

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7-spot ladybirds secrete alkaloid (coccinelline)-rich fluid (reflex blood) from leg joints as a defence mechanism against predators. A technique is described that enables the collection and accurate quantification of reflex blood produced, and the amount of coccinelline therein. Coccinelline was found distributed throughout the body, although concentrated(More)
2-spot ladybirds secrete alkaloid (adaline)-rich defence fluid (reflex blood) in response to predator attack. Reflex fluid was collected from individual ladybirds and weighed and the alkaloid content measured by GC. The amount of fluid produced built up rapidly following winter hibernation in animals feeding on aphids. The concentration of adaline in the(More)
In this study we tested whether pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) ofCynoglossum officinale serve as antifeedants against herbivores. Total PA N-oxide extracts of the leaves significantly deterred feeding by generalist herbivores. Specialist herbivores did not discriminate between food with high and low PA levels. Three PAs fromC. officinale, heliosupine,(More)
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