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Behind the scenes of HIV-1 replication: Alternative splicing as the dependency factor on the quiet.
The complex network of cis-acting splicing regulatory elements (SREs) are described, which are mainly localized in the neighbourhoods of all HIV-1 splice sites and warrant the proper ratio of individual transcript isoforms. Expand
Impact of immune suppressive agents on the BK‐Polyomavirus non coding control region
It is demonstrated that mTOR1‐inhibitors are able to reduce early‐expression of wildtype and rearranged NCCRs, which might contribute to previously described inhibition of BKPyV‐replication. Expand
Measurement of BK-polyomavirus Non-Coding Control Region Driven Transcriptional Activity Via Flow Cytometry.
A dual fluorescence reporter that allows the analysis of the BKPyV non-coding control-region (NCCR) driven early and late promoter activity was constructed to quantify the impact of potential antiviral drugs on viral gene expression via tdTomato and eGFP expression. Expand
SRSF1 in HIV-1 target cells and affects HIV-1 post integration
9 1Institute for Virology, University Hospital Essen, University Duisburg-Essen, 45147 Germany 10 2Institute for Medical Virology, University Hospital Frankfurt, Goethe University Frankfurt am 11Expand
A Novel, Broad-Acting Peptide Inhibitor of Double-Stranded DNA Virus Gene Expression and Replication
The 22-mer peptide TAT-I24 potently neutralized viruses such as herpes simplex viruses, adenovirus type 5, cytomegalovirus, vaccinia virus, and simian virus 40 in cell culture models, while being less active against RNA viruses. Expand