Helene N. Lim Choi Keung

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Performance prediction is set to play a significant role in supportive middleware that is designed to manage workload on parallel and distributed computing systems. This middleware underpins the discovery of available resources, the identification of a task’s requirements and the matchmaking, scheduling and staging that follow. This paper documents two(More)
The Grid Information Service (GIS) is one of the Grid Common Services which make up the basic functions belonging to Grids. This service offers a resource discovery mechanism, of which an implementation is provided by the Monitoring and Discovery Service (MDS-2), which is part of the Globus Toolkitw. Grid applications are typically the users of this(More)
As the number of resources on the Grid tends to be very dynamic and potentially large, it becomes increasingly important to discover and monitor them efficiently. This paper concentrates on the scalability, reliability and performance of Grid discovery and monitoring services, using autonomous concepts. Application scenarios are developed where the(More)
Resource discovery and monitoring in a distributed Grid environment gives rise to several issues, one of which is the provision of reliable performance and hence, the quality-ofservice delivered to Grid users. This performance requirement brings about the necessity to know how the Monitoring and Discovery Service (MDS) would respond to various queries. This(More)
* 0-7803-8566-7/04/$20.00 © 2004 IEEE. Abstract The Grid vision is to allow compute resources to be shared and utilised globally, with these distributed resources belonging to the same Virtual Organisation (VO). These resources execute jobs submitted by users, who are not in the resources’ local domain and hence have no control over these resources.(More)
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