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Use and Impact of eHealth System by Low-income Women With Breast Cancer
ABSTRACT This article is the second of a two-part series reporting on a population-based study intended to use an eHealth system to examine the feasibility of reaching underserved women with breastExpand
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Optimizing eHealth breast cancer interventions: which types of eHealth services are effective?
Little is known about the effective elements of Interactive Cancer Communication Systems (ICCSs). A randomized trial explored which types of services of a multifaceted ICCS benefited patients and theExpand
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Integrating eHealth with human services for breast cancer patients
Following demonstrations of success of interactive cancer communication systems (ICCS) for patients, the challenge and opportunity are to integrate such systems with human resources. A randomizedExpand
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The Role of the Family Environment and Computer-Mediated Social Support on Breast Cancer Patients’ Coping Strategies
Despite the importance of family environment and computer-mediated social support (CMSS) for women with breast cancer, little is known about the interplay of these sources of care and assistance onExpand
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Reducing the Digital Divide for Low-income Women With Breast Cancer: A Feasibility Study of a Population-Based Intervention
Abstract A fundamental challenge to helping underserved women and their families cope with breast cancer is providing them with easily accessible, reliable health care information and support. ThisExpand
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How Underserved Breast Cancer Patients Use and Benefit From eHealth Programs
This article consolidates insights from 15 years of research examining howthe medically underserved use and benefit from an eHealth program, the Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support SystemExpand
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Predictors and Effects of Training on an Online Health Education and Support System for Women with Breast Cancer
This study explores the role of training in influencing how patients use a particular Interactive Cancer Communication System (ICCS) over time and also examines what pre-test characteristics predict which people are most likely to opt in or out oftraining in the first place. Expand
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Mammography Screening: Gaps in Patient's and Physician's Needs for Shared Decision‐Making
As shared decision‐making increasingly influences screening mammography, understanding similarities and differences between patients and physician perspectives becomes crucially important. This studyExpand
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Agriculture sector resource and environmental policy analysis: an economic and biophysical approach.
Agricultural pollution of the environment is jointly determined by economic decisions driving land use, production practices, and stochastic biophysical processes associated with agriculturalExpand
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Online support: Impact on anxiety in women who experience an abnormal screening mammogram.
OBJECTIVES To determine whether an online support tool can impact anxiety in women experiencing an abnormal mammogram. MATERIALS AND METHODS We developed an online support system using theExpand
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