Helene Kragelund Strøm

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Despite the fact that enteric redmouth disease (ERM) in farmed rainbow trout is one of the most devastating disease problems, little is known about the initial route of infection and pathogenicity of the aetiological agent, Yersinia ruckeri. In order to determine the initially infected organs, optical projection tomography (OPT), a novel three-dimensional(More)
The effect of oral vaccines against bacterial fish diseases has been a topic for debate for decades. Recently both M-like cells and dendritic cells have been discovered in the intestine of rainbow trout. It is therefore likely that antigens reaching the intestine can be taken up and thereby induce immunity in orally vaccinated fish. The objective of this(More)
Concentrations of three immunoglobulins, albumin, ceruloplasmin, alpha-2 macroglobulin and pregnancy zone protein were estimated by immunoelectrophoresis in paired samples of synovial fluid and serum from 12 dogs with degenerative joint disease (DJD) and six normal dogs. The ratios of synovial fluid to serum concentrations (SF/S) of the four(More)
Seasonal, sexual, parental and age-related effects on peripheral blood neutrophil migration were studied in 25 dogs. Random and chemotactic movements were estimated by measuring migration towards buffer and leukotriene B4, respectively. Significant effects were seen only in the comparison between the two sexes. Neutrophils from bitches exhibited 19% greater(More)
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