Helene Houston

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The West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) vitrification melter was shut down in September 2002 after being used to vitrify High Level Waste (HLW) and process system residuals for six years. Processing of the HLW occurred from June 1996 through November 2001, followed by a program to flush the remaining HLW through to the melter. Glass removal and(More)
A program for children with learning disabilities associated with perceptual deficits was designed that included elements of gross and fine motor coordination, visual and somatosensory perceptual training, dance, art, music and language. The effectiveness of nonprofessional "perceptual-aides," who were trained in this program, was evaluated. Twenty-eight(More)
Vestibular dysfunction is associated with the developmental delay of motor and attention skills. Integrity of the vestibular and visual systems manifest in rapid side to side eye movement called nystagmus. This may be evoked by physical rotation or caloric stimulation to the ear drums. The approach in this technological advance explores whether controlled(More)
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