Helene Barucq

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We propose a new class of approximate local DtN boundary conditions to be applied on prolate spheroid-shaped exterior boundaries when solving acoustic scattering problems by elongated obstacles. These conditions are : (a) exact for the first modes, (b) easy to implement and to parallelize, (c) compatible with the local structure of the computational finite(More)
We develop a new PML formulation for the linearized shallow-water equations including the Coriolis force. The construction process is based on the uncoupling of the velocity components with the depth of water. Then the damping effect is only applied to the propagative modes just as was formerly done by Nataf [1] to the linearized Euler equations to enforce(More)
In this paper, we propose a new bricked cache system suitable for a particular surface propagation algorithm : seismic horizon reconstruction. The application domain of this algorithm is the interpretation of seismic volumes used, for instance, by petroleum companies for oil prospecting. To ensure the optimality of such surface extraction, the algorithm(More)
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