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The wealth of social information presented on Facebook is astounding. While these affordances allow users to keep up-to-date, they also produce a basis for social comparison and envy on an unprecedented scale. Even though envy may endanger users' life satisfaction and lead to platform avoidance, no study exists uncovering this dynamics. To close this gap,(More)
Since Facebook has opened its platform to third-party developers, privacy concerns surrounding applications are mounting. By granting " permission " to an app request, users allow app providers to circumvent their privacy settings endangering their own privacy and that of their friends. Considering a rising use of Facebook apps and a paucity of research in(More)
As Facebook has become an integral part of a daily routine for many, the impact of its participation on users' lives is of growing interest. Nonetheless, extant research does not offer a clear answer on the directionality of the link between Facebook use and markers of subjective well-being. These issues are particularly critical for the vulnerable segment(More)
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