Helena Verhelst

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In recent years, different research lines have examined the epileptogenic process in order to understand the different stages in this process, and with the hope that early recognition and intervention could prevent chronic epilepsy in patients with epileptic seizures. In animals, acquired epilepsy is studied most commonly with kindling models, status(More)
Epilepsy and mental retardation limited to females (EFMR), caused by PCDH19 mutations, has a variable clinical expression that needs further exploration. Onset of epilepsy may be provoked by fever and can resemble Dravet syndrome. Furthermore, transmitting males have no seizures, but are reported to have rigid personalities suggesting possible autism(More)
OBJECTIVE Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is associated with cognitive and motor deficits, and poses a significant personal, societal, and economic burden. One mechanism by which TBI is thought to affect cognition and behavior is through changes in functional connectivity. Graph theory is a powerful framework for quantifying topological features of(More)
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