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Gaze direction is an important social signal in both human and nonhuman primates, providing information about conspecifics' attention, interests, and intentions. Single-unit recordings in macaques have revealed neurons selective for others' specific gaze direction. A parallel functional organization in the human brain is indicated by gaze-adaptation(More)
The random-noise errors involved in measuring the Doppler shift of an 'incoherent-scatter' spectrum are predicted theoretically for all values of ¹ C /¹ G from 1.0 to 3.0. After correction has been made for the effects of convolution during transmission and reception and the additional errors introduced by subtracting the average of the background gates,(More)
Riley stated that the minimum speech sample length necessary to compute his stuttering severity estimates was 200 syllables. This was investigated. Procedures supplied for the assessment of readers and non-readers were examined to see whether they give equivalent scores. Recordings of spontaneous speech samples from 23 young children (aged between 2 years 8(More)
  • H J Todd
  • 1978
Nature appears to have distributed life spans, whether long or short, entirely upon the possession or non-possession of a few physiologically superficial characteristics, namely, immunity of mature, full-sized specimens from the effects of: (1) predation, (2) competition, (3) fire, (4) disease, and (5) the existence of a definite usefulness for long life(More)
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