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www.frontiersinecology.org © The Ecological Society of America I little more than a decade, the rapid and widespread use of genetic identification protocols has transformed food authenticity testing from a niche area into a highly influential biotechnological application worldwide (Ogden 2008; Yancy et al. 2008; Lou 2015). Although livestock and(More)
The mechanisms regulating sexual behaviours in female vertebrates are still poorly understood, mainly because in most species sexual displays in females are more subtle and less frequent than displays in males. In a sex-role reversed population of a teleost fish, the peacock blenny Salaria pavo, an external fertilizer, females are the courting sex and their(More)
The definition of creativity is not simple, because there are different conceptions, which are also in constant changing. This paper presents a study on the conceptions of creativity in students of the first year of university, in the engineering area. This study considered the answers of 67 undergraduates originating from four different courses to an open(More)
Although the oncologic disease has a low incidence in children than in adults, it has a major complexity and impact , because children are the future. The objectives of this study are: To study the impact of a oncologic disease in diagnostic in children on their family. To study how family cooperate. The authors interviewed the family of children who were(More)
Eco-Ethology Research Unit, ISPA-Instituto Universitário, Rua Jardim do Tabaco 34, Lisboa 1149-041, Portugal Centro de Ciências do Mar, Universidade do Algarve, Campus de Gambelas, Faro 8005-139, Portugal Department of Science and Environment, University of St Joseph, Rua de Londres 16, Macau, People’s Republic of China (SAR) Champalimaud Neuroscience(More)
Dr. Pedro Beleza – Serviço de Neurologia / Hospital São Marcos Largo Carlos Amarante, Apartado 2242 4701-965 Braga Portugal. E-mail: beleza.76@gmail.com Acute arteriopathies represent 79% of stroke in children. Chickenpox is the primary etiologic agent involved in 60% of cases and usually carries a good prognosis. We report on a patient with multiple(More)
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