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Field and greenhouse studies have been conducted to clarify aspects of population dynamics and NaCl tolerance of Salicornia ramosissima J. Woods. Two populations, Varela and Verdemilho, were monitored in the field during two consecutive life cycles and aspects of their morphology and density were recorded monthly. In the laboratory seedlings were exposed to(More)
We have developed an automated setup for simultaneous measurement of Seebeck coefficient S(T) and electrical resistivity ρ(T) of thin film samples from room temperature to ∼650 °C. S and ρ are extracted from current-voltage (I-V) measurements obtained using a semiconductor parameter analyzer and temperature measurements obtained using commercial(More)
During the fast switching in Ge2Sb2Te5 phase change memory devices, both the amorphous and fcc crystalline phases remain metastable beyond the fcc and hexagonal transition temperatures respectively. In this work, the metastable electrical properties together with crystallization times and resistance drift behaviour of GST are studied using a high-speed,(More)
Advanced modeling of the effective minority carrier lifetime of passivated crystalline silicon wafers Mechanical and piezoresistive properties of thin silicon films deposited by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition and hot-wire chemical vapor deposition at low substrate temperatures Charge transport in polycrystalline silicon thin-films on glass(More)
BACKGROUND In an ongoing project to evaluate essential oils as modulators of antibiotic resistance, the essential oil from Origanum vulgare L. (OVEO), as well as its individual constituents carvacrol (CAR) and thymol (THY), were investigated using Staphylococcus aureus strains possessing efflux mechanisms of resistance to norfloxacin, erythromycin and(More)
Two-dimensional finite element simulations with rotational symmetry are used to analyze the impact of the bottom electrode recess on the reset operation of phase change memory elements with mushroom cell geometry (Ge2Sb2Te5 (GST) film over a patterned TiN pillar). Temperature dependent materials parameters are used for GST and TiN, and the latent heat of(More)
Thermoelectric transport in semiconductors is usually considered under small thermal gradients and when it is dominated by the role of the majority carriers. Not much is known about effects that arise under the large thermal gradients that can be established in high-temperature, small-scale electronic devices. Here, we report a surprisingly large asymmetry(More)
Physical Obfuscated Keys (POKs) allow tamper-resistant storage of random keys based on physical disorder. The output bits of current POK designs need to be first corrected due to measurement noise and next de-correlated since the original output bits may not be i.i.d. (independent and identically distributed) and also public helper information for error(More)
A detailed physical model of the heating and amorphization profiles in phase-change memory elements is applied to illustrate the effects of loads and pulse rise times on the reset operation of phase-change memory cells. Finite element modeling of the electrical and thermal transport is used for a mushroom phase-change memory element -- including temperature(More)
Blue and white light emission is observed when high voltage stress is applied using micrometer-separated tungsten probes across a nanoforest formed of ZnO nanorods. The optical spectrum of the emitted light consistently shows three fine peaks with very high amplitude in the 465-485 nm (blue) range, corresponding to atomic transitions of zinc. Additional(More)