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During the fast switching in Ge2Sb2Te5 phase change memory devices, both the amorphous and fcc crystalline phases remain metastable beyond the fcc and hexagonal transition temperatures respectively. In this work, the metastable electrical properties together with crystallization times and resistance drift behaviour of GST are studied using a high-speed,(More)
The mechanisms regulating sexual behaviours in female vertebrates are still poorly understood, mainly because in most species sexual displays in females are more subtle and less frequent than displays in males. In a sex-role reversed population of a teleost fish, the peacock blenny Salaria pavo, an external fertilizer, females are the courting sex and their(More)
Waterlogging and submergence are the major constraints to which wetland plants are subjected, with inevitable impacts on their physiology and productivity. Global warming and climate change, as driving forces of sea level rise, tend to increase such submersion periods and also modify the carbonate chemistry of the water column due to the increased(More)
Advanced modeling of the effective minority carrier lifetime of passivated crystalline silicon wafers Mechanical and piezoresistive properties of thin silicon films deposited by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition and hot-wire chemical vapor deposition at low substrate temperatures Charge transport in polycrystalline silicon thin-films on glass(More)
I n little more than a decade, the rapid and widespread use of genetic identification protocols has transformed food authenticity testing from a niche area into a highly influential biotechnological application worldwide (Ogden 2008; Yancy et al. 2008; Lou 2015). Although livestock and agricultural products remain the main focus of certification schemes and(More)
Estuaries are sinks for various anthropogenic contaminants, such as petroleum hydrocarbons, giving rise to significant environmental concern. The demand for organisms and processes capable of degrading pollutants in a clean, effective, and less expensive process is of great importance. Phytoremedition approaches involving plant/bacteria interactions have(More)
Thermoelectric transport in semiconductors is usually considered under small thermal gradients and when it is dominated by the role of the majority carriers. Not much is known about effects that arise under the large thermal gradients that can be established in high-temperature, small-scale electronic devices. Here, we report a surprisingly large asymmetry(More)
Acute arteriopathies represent 79% of stroke in children 1. Chickenpox is the primary etiologic agent involved in 60% of cases and usually carries a good prognosis 2. We report on a patient with multiple transients ischemic attacks (TIA) who presented a post-varicella artheriopa-thy (PVA) associated with MTHFR homozigotic mutation C677T. Moreover the(More)
Physical Obfuscated Keys (POKs) allow tamper-resistant storage of random keys based on physical disorder. The output bits of current POK designs need to be first corrected due to measurement noise and next de-correlated since the original output bits may not be i.i.d. (independent and identically distributed) and also public helper information for error(More)