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Rotation to simple structure in factor analysis of dynamic radionuclide studies.
The physiological interpretation of factors in the factor analysis of dynamic radionuclide studies is dependent on the proper solution of the problem of factor rotation. A new solution suitable forExpand
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On the existence of an unambiguous solution in factor analysis of dynamic studies.
Achievement of an unambiguous solution in factor analysis of dynamic radionuclide studies depends on constraints reflecting the known properties of factors. The constraints should be tight enough toExpand
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The Reality and Meaning of Physiological Factors
The term “physiological factor” was introduced by Bazin et al. (1979) for a time-activity curve detected above the separate compartment of a radio-pharmaceutical in the body. Considering formally theExpand
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Enhancement of physiological factors in factor analysis of dynamic studies
Factor analysis of dynamic radionuclide studies provides their decomposition into the images and time-activity curves corresponding to the underlying dynamic structures. The method is based on theExpand
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Immunoscintigraphy and distribution study of experimental tumours using131I-labelled anti-fibrinogen antibodies
Abstract131I-labelled antibodies to the fragment E of human fibrin, anti-rat fibrinogen, non-immune rabbit IgG and67Ga-citrate were used for scintigraphy and distribution studies in experimentalExpand
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Determination of left ventricular wall motility injury by factor analysis in patients with advanced ischemic heart disease
Left ventricular phase and amphlitude images (Fourier analysis, PAI) and factor analysis images (FAI) from gated radionuclide ventriculography were obtained in 235 patients after myocardialExpand
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Feature Extraction from NMR Images Using Factor Analysis
Tissue characterization based on NMR parameters is the ultimate goal of NMR imaging. Expand
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Three-dimensional cold spot volume rendering
Three-dimensional volume rendering enhances the perception of radiopharmaceutical distribution within organs. Formerly, a maximum activity projection method was developed for hot spot rendering,Expand