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Seven classes of Streptomyces clavuligerus mutants defective in clavulanic acid (CLA) biosynthesis have been identified and used to clone the chromosomal DNA encoding eight CLA biosynthetic genes. The complete sequences of three and the partial sequences of two of these biosynthetic genes are reported, together with their known or predicted functions.
DNA-16S rRNA hybridization studies of archaebacterial halophiles revealed nine major groups. High (greater than 45%) DNA-DNA homologies were found only within DNA-rRNA groups. The DNA-DNA homology between the type strains of Halobacterium halobium, Hb. salinarium and Hb. cutirubrum was greater than 70%. The implications for the taxonomy of the extreme(More)
The growing homebound population has many complex biomedical and psychosocial needs and requires a team-based approach to care (Smith, Ornstein, Soriano, Muller, & Boal, 2006). The Mount Sinai Visiting Doctors Program (MSVD), a large interdisciplinary home-based primary care program in New York City, has a vibrant social work program that is integrated into(More)
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