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BACKGROUND Factors related to socioeconomic status and health care quality and management may influence mortality and morbidity rates due to acute myocardial infarction (AMI). OBJECTIVE To compare mortality and morbidity in patients with AMI hospitalized in public and private hospitals. METHODS An observational study, with comparison groups. Clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Studies that considered only the leisure physical activity found that the physical inactivity is higher among lower-income individuals. There is a possibility that this association shows modifications, when considering transportation, work and domestic activities. OBJECTIVE To determine whether there is a difference between the prevalence of(More)
The mainstream theory of choice under uncertainty in economics has been assuming that uncertainty faced by economic agents can be represented by a single probability distribution. This means that for economic agents the uncertainty they face is a known unknown, i.e., they have a perfect knowledge about it. However, as rst pointed out by Frank Knight [33],(More)
We classify the foliations associated to semi-complete vector fields at an isolated singularity of saddle-node type in C n , i.e., associated to semi-complete vector fields in C n , whose linear part is diagonalizable and with an isolated singularity, where the n − 1 non-vanishing eigenvalues of its linear part are non-resonant and in the Poincaré Domain.(More)
BACKGROUND Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is potentially attractive as a method of training in heart failure (HF) and could be performed in patients unable to participate in standard exercise training. PURPOSE To examine the effects of NMES on physiologic and functional measurements in patients with HF. METHODS MEDLINE, Cochrane, EMBASE,(More)
OBJECTIVE To verify if the maximal inspiratory pressure values with 40 seconds occlusion time are greater than with the 20 seconds occlusion time, and the impacts on the following patient's physiological variables: respiratory rate, pulse oxygen saturation, heart rate and blood pressure, before and after the measurements. METHODS This was a transversal(More)
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