Helena Petersson

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BACKGROUND Immigrant women from the Middle East have elevated risk of cardiovascular disease. Sagittal abdominal diameter (SAD), a simple marker of intra-abdominal fat, predicts insulin resistance and cardiovascular mortality in men. Its usefulness in immigrant women is however unknown. To investigate the predictive role of SAD compared to other(More)
Subjects with the metabolic syndrome (MetS) have enhanced oxidative stress and inflammation. Dietary fat quality has been proposed to be implicated in these conditions. We investigated the impact of four diets distinct in fat quantity and quality on 8-iso-PGF2α (a major F2-isoprostane and oxidative stress indicator), 15-keto-13,14-dihydro-PGF2α(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the quality of standardized care plans and the extent to which they are used within Swedish in-hospital somatic care. Further, to examine the quality of the knowledge summaries on which existing standardized care plans were supposed to be based. DESIGN Submitted documents were reviewed with study-specific protocols. SETTING A(More)
AIM To investigate the relationships of serum fatty acid (FA) composition and estimated desaturase activities with the liver fat marker alanine aminotransferase (ALT). METHODS 546 Swedish elderly men of a population-based cohort participated in this cross-sectional study. FA composition was assessed in serum cholesterol esters to determine dietary fat(More)
BACKGROUND In recent randomised prospective studies, lifestyle intervention induced a weight loss of approximately 5%. OBJECTIVE To describe and evaluate a 2-year on-going group intervention program in clinical practice in terms of weight loss and changes in metabolic risk factors, i.e. sagital abdominal diameter (SAD), triglycerides, fasting blood(More)
BACKGROUND Fatty acid (FA) composition in serum has been associated with C-reactive protein (CRP), but associations with other markers of inflammation and endothelial function, e.g. adhesion molecules are unknown. We recently suggested a possible role of the lipogenic enzyme stearoyl coenzymeA desaturase-1 (SCD-1) in inflammation. This study investigates(More)
The therapeutic effect of lithium in Huntington's chorea was tested in six patients through a double-blind cross-over comparison of lithium and placebo, each administered for 6 weeks. Four of the patients received neuroleptic drugs at the same time. Lithium and placebo periods did not differ as regards motor skills, hyperkinesias, or total ward situation,(More)
Altered fatty acid (FA) composition is related to insulin resistance and CVD. One possible mediator may be inflammation, but longitudinal data relating FA composition to inflammation taking insulin resistance into account are limited. We investigated the long-term association between FA composition and C-reactive protein (CRP) concentrations in a large(More)
The presence of free androgen and glucocorticoid receptors was demonstrated in the rectus femoris muscle of the pig. No detectable free androgen receptors were observed in intact male pigs. Androgen receptor characteristics in castrates and gilts were related to the growth rate of the lean meat in the ham. The amount of free androgen receptor was less (P(More)