Helena Medvedovsky

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BACKGROUND Growth factors and their receptor tyrosine kinases play pivotal roles in development, normal physiology, and pathology. Signal transduction is regulated primarily by receptor endocytosis and degradation in lysosomes ("receptor downregulation"). c-Cbl is an adaptor that modulates this process by recruiting binding partners, such as(More)
Quite a few regulatory proteins, including transcription factors, are normally maintained in a dormant state to be activated after internal or environmental cues. Recently, a novel strategy, requiring proteolytic cleavage, was described for the mobilization of dormant transcription factors. These transcription factors are initially synthesized in an(More)
Immature B cells differentiate in the spleen into mature B cells, a process that is essential for their participation in the immune response. Previously, we showed that the MHC class II chaperone, invariant chain (Ii), controls this differentiation to the mature stage. Ii cytosolic domain-induced B cell maturation involves activation of transcription(More)
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