Helena Markulin

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BACKGROUND Although publishing in scientific journals has an educational component, the educational role of journals in medicine has not been evaluated. PURPOSE To assess whether tutoring authors in a medical scientific journal could be related to their long-term scientific publications and academic advancement. METHODS The study included 47 journal(More)
OBJECTIVES This paper reports on the training of medical practitioners in information literacy. The course is carried out by an academic medical library in collaboration with its parent institution and the local physicians' licensing body. SETTING The University of Zagreb Medical School (UZMS) developed an extensive continuing education programme for(More)
Scholarly journals are the main publication channel of many scientific disciplines. The advent of electronic journals has changed the publishing process and distribution of scientific information, creating new ways of journal access and use. At the same time, commercial publishers significantly increased the cost of access to scientific information, leading(More)
Over the last few years the concepts and methods of the evidence-based medicine (EBM) have been increasingly recognized and applied in the Croatian medical community. Central Medical Library at Zagreb university Medical School has been developing a web-based service aimed to help practitioners find best evidence for solving specific clinical problems.(More)
Physicians are daily faced with the difficult task of clinical decision making. To successfully fulfill this task physicians depend on the availability of high value medical information. In order to determine information needs and information seeking behavior among physicians, a research was conducted between January 2008 and October 2009, using a(More)
It frequently happens that physicians do not have adequate skills or enough time for searching and evaluating evidence needed in their everyday practice. Medical librarian can serve as a mediator in enabling physicians to utilize the potential offered by contemporary evidence-based medicine. The Central Medical Library (CML) at University of Zagreb, School(More)
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