Helena Macedo Reis

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Interactive Geometry (IG) is a computational approach to teach geometry using interactive geometric objects. It is based on the learning-by-doing method where the representation and manipulation of geometric spaces can support students to construct their knowledge through experience. Several research findings indicate various benefits of using IG in(More)
We investigated the kinetics of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, proton leak, and phosphorylating subsystems of liver mitochondria from mannoheptulose-treated and control rats. Mannoheptulose treatment raises glucagon and lowers insulin; it had no effect on the kinetics of the mitochondrial proton leak or phosphorylating subsystems, but the respiratory(More)
Gamification is a term that refers to the use of game elements in <i>non-game contexts</i> with the goal of engaging people in a variety of tasks. There is a growing interest in gamification as well as its applications and implications in the field of Education since it provides an alternative to engage and motivate students during the process of learning.(More)
The turnover of connexin 43 (Cx43) is very rapid in many cells and involves both the lysosomal and proteasomal protease pathways. Here we show that Ca(2+)-mobilizing agonists such as angiotensin II (Ang II) can up-regulate the expression of Cx43 in WB rat liver epithelial cells. Vasopressin had the same effect in A7R5 smooth-muscle cells. The effect of Ang(More)
The interface is the main mechanism of communication between user and system features. In educational software, successful user interface designs minimize the cognitive load on users, thereby users can direct their efforts to maximize their understanding of the educational concepts being presented. We investigated whether a reduced interface make few(More)
Rehabilitation using the Kinect technology and systems for educational purposes can influence patient's motivation. However, approaches that use these two aspects together are poorly investigated. To provide an overview and understanding of the results already obtained in this area, a systematic mapping study was conducted in order to analyze how the(More)
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