Helena M.E. de Bruin

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In a field study on the efficiency of dune recharge for drinking water production, bacteriophage MS2 was shown to be removed 8 log(10) by passage through the dune sand. The question of whether pathogenic viruses would be removed as much as MS2 was studied by comparing complete breakthrough curves of MS2 with those of the human viruses Coxsackievirus B4(More)
In a recent field study on dune recharge, bacteriophages MS2 and PRD1 were found to be removed 3 log10 over the first 2.4 m and only 5 log10 over the next 27 m. To understand the causes of this nonlinear removal, column experiments were carried out under conditions similar to the field: same recharge water, temperature (5 +/- 3 degrees C) and pore water(More)
OBJECTIVES DNA methylation analysis of cancer-related genes is a promising tool for HPV-positive women to identify those with cervical (pre)cancer (CIN3+) in need of treatment. However, clinical performance of methylation markers can be influenced by the sample type utilized. We describe a multiplex quantitative methylation-specific PCR that targets FAM19A4(More)
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