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BACKGROUND Rising caesarean section (CS) rates have been observed worldwide in recent decades. This study sought to analyse trends in CS rates and outcomes among a variety of obstetric groups at a university hospital in a low-income country. METHODS We conducted a hospital-based panel study at Muhimbili National Hospital, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. All(More)
BACKGROUND The maternal near-miss (MNM) concept has been developed to assess life-threatening conditions during pregnancy, childhood, and puerperium. In recent years, caesarean section (CS) rates have increased rapidly in many low- and middle-income countries, a trend which might have serious effects on maternal health. Our aim was to describe the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate if multiparous individuals who had undergone a previous cesarean delivery experienced an increased risk of severe maternal outcomes or adverse perinatal outcomes compared with multiparous individuals who had undergone previous vaginal deliveries. METHODS An analytical cross-sectional study at a university hospital in Dar es(More)
BACKGROUND In Tanzania, substandard intrapartum management of foetal distress contributes to a third of perinatal deaths, and the majority are term deliveries. We conducted a criteria-based audit with feedback to determine whether standards of diagnosis and management of foetal distress would be improved in a low-resource setting. METHODS During(More)
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