Helena J Teede

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BACKGROUND Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition in women of reproductive age with well established metabolic abnormalities. There are numerous diagnostic criteria generating several reproductive diagnostic phenotypes [National Institute of Health (NIH) hyperandrogenic anovulatory PCOS and non-NIH PCOS including hyperandrogenic ovulatory or(More)
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is of clinical and public health importance as it is very common, affecting up to one in five women of reproductive age. It has significant and diverse clinical implications including reproductive (infertility, hyperandrogenism, hirsutism), metabolic (insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, type 2 diabetes mellitus,(More)
To address the cardiovascular effects of dietary soy containing phytoestrogens, we measured blood pressure (BP), lipids, vascular function (systemic arterial compliance and pulse wave velocity), and endothelial function (flow-mediated vasodilation) in a randomized, double-blind trial. Two hundred thirteen healthy subjects (108 men and 105 postmenopausal(More)
OBJECTIVE Our objective was to provide a scholarly review of the published literature on menopausal hormonal therapy (MHT), make scientifically valid assessments of the available data, and grade the level of evidence available for each clinically important endpoint. PARTICIPANTS IN DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENTIFIC STATEMENT: The 12-member Scientific Statement Task(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and evaluate the effectiveness of a community behavioural intervention to prevent weight gain and improve health related behaviours in women with young children. DESIGN Cluster randomised controlled trial. SETTING A community setting in urban Australia. PARTICIPANTS 250 adult women with a mean age of 40.39 years (SD 4.77, range(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to address the vascular effects of isolated isoflavones as potential contributors to their cardioprotective properties, focusing on biochanin and formononetin. METHODS AND RESULTS In a randomized, double-blind trial, 80 healthy subjects, 46 men and 34 women, 45 to 75 years of age, received isoflavones enriched in either(More)
1. Repeatability of measurements of arterial compliance and flow-mediated dilation of the brachial artery has been infrequently reported, despite increasing use in interventional and risk-factor modification studies. Furthermore, little is known about the interrelationships of the various indices. The purposes of this study were to determine the(More)
CONTEXT Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is an insulin-resistant (IR) state. Visceral fat (VF) is independently associated with IR. OBJECTIVES The objectives of the study were to explore mechanisms underpinning IR by assessing the effect of exercise training on IR and body composition in overweight PCOS and non-PCOS women. DESIGN This was a prospective(More)
OBJECTIVE To summarize current evidence on lifestyle management (dietary, exercise, or behavioral interventions) of obesity in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), to indicate gaps in knowledge, and to review the medical and surgical alternatives for weight management. DESIGN Expert panel appointed by the Androgen Excess and PCOS Society (AEPCOS(More)