Helena Illnerova

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Melatonin content in the rat pineal decreases at night after exposure of animals to light, from 20 to 2 pmol/gland in 15 min. Melatonin concentration in serum fell precipitously in a manner almost identical to the drop in pineal melatonin only with a 5 min time lag. It is concluded that the rapid decrease in the pineal melatonin content is mainly due to an(More)
Narcolepsy is characterized, beside other features, by excessive daytime sleepiness and disturbed sleep at night. The pineal hormone melatonin may affect the sleep characteristics. The aim of the study was to compare the circadian rhythm in salivary melatonin in narcoleptic patients with that in control healthy subjects; 18 patients and 21 age- and(More)
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