Helena Granström

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A SIC consists of N equiangular unit vectors in an N dimensional Hilbert space. The frame potential is a function of N unit vectors. It has a unique global minimum if the vectors form a SIC, and this property has been made use of in numerical searches for SICs. When the vectors form an orbit of the Heisenberg group the frame potential becomes a function of(More)
We can never emulate their meekness, soft servants of durable material: they live without pretension in complicated relays and electrical circuits. Speed, docility are their strength. One asks: “What is 2 × 2?”—“Are you a machine?” They answer or refuse to answer, depending on what you demand. There are, however, other machines as well, more abstract(More)
A particular incomplete Kochen-Specker colouring, suggested by Appleby in dimension three, is generalized to arbitrary dimension. We investigate its effectivity as a function of dimension, using two different measures. A limit is derived for the fraction of the sphere that can be coloured using the generalized Appleby construction as the number of(More)
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