Helena Granlund

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This paper analyses learning processes and methodological issues that a group of students will encounter during a set of trials in the computer based simulation training environment, C3Fire. The microworld C3Fire is a well known and respected simulation environment for training and research within the domain of dynamic decision-making. The case analysed in(More)
The Swedish public sector has taken a number of steps to improve the information security. For instance, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency has prescribed the implementation of information security managements systems. Still, in a study covering eleven government agencies, the Swedish National Audit Office found that none of the assessed agencies were(More)
This paper describes the basic learning aspects of crises management training in a computer simulated environment. A total of 108 professionals, 18 teams, contributed to the study where the impact of a GPS on C2 work was investigated. A comparison between professional groups on performance and learning show that the GPS has an impact that differed depending(More)
This paper describes the results and differences between students and professionals who used a GPS based GIS as a collaborative tool in an experimental emergency response study. A total of 132 students, forming 22 groups and 108 professionals forming 18 groups were tested. Differences in both performance and behaviors between the groups have been(More)
Emergency responders at the local community level are the prime actors concerning emergency management. It has been claimed that information systems have considerable potential to support emergency management. However, development of such systems is demanding, due to the complexity of emergency management. The ability to be able to reveal the stakeholders'(More)
This research investigates the impact of a geographical position system (GPS) support tool on command and control in a crisis management organization. The organizations of interest are Swedish municipal crisis management organizations and their crisis management teams. The goal is to investigate differences in the work processes of teams that have access to(More)
Sammanfattning/abstract: This essay argues that Elizabeth Gaskell challenges the limiting gender norms of the Victorian era through giving her heroine, Margaret Hale in North and South, both the traditionally female qualities of virtue and selflessness and the traditionally masculine qualities of independence and action. The essay also argues that Gaskell's(More)
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