Helena Cristina Balthazar Guedes

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Dissecting complex diversity patterns typically exhibited by organisms of hybrid zones is among the greatest challenges in evolutionary biology. This has been a long-standing goal of numerous Iberian honeybee studies. Herein, we further contribute to this goal by a fine-scale maternal survey of the Portuguese honeybee populations. In addition to confirm a(More)
In this work we investigated the frequency of polymorphism in exon II of the gene encoding most of the amino-terminal region of the serine rich antigen (SERA) in Plasmodium falciparum field samples. The blood samples were collected from P. falciparum infected individuals in three areas of the Brazilian Amazon. Two fragments have been characterized by(More)
The distribution of the surface proteins of Toxoplasma gondii radiodinated were studied using the phase separation technique and ability of binding in the phenyl-Sepharose column. Eight polypeptides with Mr 22 to 180 distributed exclusively in the detergent rich-phase, while six polypeptides with mol. wt. 15,000 to 76,000 distributed exclusively in the(More)
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