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The purpose of this study was to determine which features of muscle mechanics and muscle coordination affect the power output from a limb during locomotion. Eight subjects were tested while cycling at maximum exertion for 25 min on a stationary dynamometer. Cadence and load were varied to span a range of power outputs and myoelectric activity was measured(More)
This paper describes a Hong Kong MTR Corporation subway project to enhance and extend the current Web-based Engineering Works and Traffic Information Management System (ETMS) with an intelligent " AI Engine. " The challenge is to be able to fully and accurately encapsulate all the necessary domain and operation knowledge on subway engineering works and to(More)
This paper presents the first implementation of batch-transferred microrelays for a broad range of RF applications and substrates. The transferred relays include a variety of electrostatic pull-down type structures, as well as seesaw type structures. The batch-transfer methodology allows integration of optimized MEMS in RF systems on substrates such as(More)
iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank Professor Paul Braun for his guidance and support during my graduate studies. Not only did he provide me with a challenging project that facilitated my growth as a scientist, but he recognized my strengths and weaknesses as an individual and taught me how to use them to plan a successful graduate program of study and(More)
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