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Synthesis of 8-heteroaryl nitroxoline analogues via one-pot sequential Pd-catalyzed coupling reactions.
A series of 8-heteroaryl substituted quinolines were prepared, either by direct C-H arylation of five-membered heteroarenes, or Pd-catalyzed coupling of organoboron reagents with bromoquinolines to represent a simple approach towards 8-arylated analogues of the biologically interesting nitroxoline core.
Improving the Chemical Selectivity of an Electronic Nose to TNT, DNT and RDX Using Machine Learning
These experiments clearly demonstrate that the silane monolayers used in the authors' sensors as receptor layers are particularly well suited to selecting and recognizing TNT and similar types of explosives from among other substances.
Double Spirocyclization of Arylidene-Δ2-Pyrrolin-4-Ones with 3-Isothiocyanato Oxindoles
Arylidene-Δ2-pyrrolin-4-ones undergo organocatalyzed double spirocyclization with 3-isothiocianato oxindoles in a domino 1,4/1,2-addition sequence. The products contain three contiguous stereocenters
Visible-Light Driven Selective C-N Bond Scission in anti-Bimane-Like Derivatives.
The photochemical transformation of pyrazolo[1,2-a]pyrazolone substrates that reach an excited state upon irradiation with visible light to initiate the homolytic C-N bond cleavage process that yields the corresponding N1-substituted pyrazoles is reported.
Regioselective Ru(II)/Pd(0) Dual Catalysis: One-Pot C–H Diarylation of Five-Membered Heterocyclic Derivatives
Herein, we report a one-pot site-selective dual metal catalyzed C–H diarylation reaction for the synthesis of multiarylated thiophene and furan derivatives in yields up to 92%. The regioselectivity
Synthesis of 8-Heteroaryl Nitroxoline Analogues via One-Pot Sequential Pd-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions.
A series of title compounds (III) are prepared by Suzuki—Miyaura-coupling of organoboron reagents (II) with bromoquinolines (I).