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Measuring Narrative Engagement
Research indicates that the extent to which one becomes engaged, transported, or immersed in a narrative influences the narrative's potential to affect subsequent story-related attitudes and beliefs.Expand
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Fictionality and Perceived Realism in Experiencing Stories: A Model of Narrative Comprehension and Engagement
This article offers a theoretical framework to explain circumstances under which perceptions of “unrealness” affect engagement in narratives and subsequent perceived realism judgments. A mentalExpand
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Transportation and Transportability in the Cultivation of Genre-Consistent Attitudes and Estimates
The concept of transportation into narrative (Green & Brock, 2002) is used to gain new insights into cultivation processes. A theoretical framework is developed where cultivation is seen as theExpand
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Communication and emotion. Essays in honor of Dolf Zillmann
Communication And Emotion Essays In Honor Of Dolf Zillmann Routledge Communication Series Free Ebook Pdf Download . Expand
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The Perception of Distance in the Cultivation Process: A Theoretical Consideration of the Relationship Between Television Content, Processing Experience, and Perceived Distance
This article proposes an integrative theoretical perspective of the cultivation process, starting from the notion that subjective social reality is organized in “zones of relevance,” with some socialExpand
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Enjoyment of films as a function of narrative experience, perceived realism and transportability
Abstract This study investigates the relations between narrative experiences (transportation, identification, immersion and telepresence) and film enjoyment, and explores the possibility thatExpand
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Life according to television. Implications of genre-specific cultivation effects: The Gratification/Cultivation model
The basic assumption of cultivation - more exposure to television leads to more cultivation effects - is examined by reviewing research on genre-specific cultivation. Studies on three genres areExpand
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The Complicated Relationship Between Media and Morality
  • Helena Bilandzic
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • J. Media Psychol. Theor. Methods Appl.
  • 13 May 2011
This contribution reflects content and effects of moral messages in media from a narrative perspective. Expand
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Embodiment of Narrative Engagement
This study investigated the validity of the narrative engagement scale by grounding the dimensions of the scale in relationships between self-reported narrative engagement and embodied mental processes occurring during exposure. Expand
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