Helen van de Haar

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It is up to the organization to investigate the best way of implementing information security for itself. This is usually done by the implementation of information security controls in the organization. The paper does not suggest which controls to implement, as the literature provides standardized methods for choosing from lists of controls. Rather, the(More)
Information Security Management consists of various facets, such as Information Security Policy, Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery; these are all interrelated in some way, often causing uncertainty and confusion among top management. This paper proposes a model for Information Security Management, called an(More)
What does the senior management of an organisation do when the board of directors asks, “show us that the organisation’s information security policy is implemented and maintained properly”? Such a question is likely to be asked as part of the board’s effort to show that it has met its obligations in terms of due diligence. This paper introduces a framework(More)
Biometric implementations have emerged as an improved solution in many spheres of life where security controls are necessary for authentication. However, not all human mannerisms and features can be used as a biometric measure. For example, the movement of an elbow will not satisfy the requirements for a useful biometric. There are a number of(More)
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