Helen Y. Chen

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Estradiol receptors (ER), ERalpha and ERbeta, are ligand-dependent transcription factors that regulate gene expression. Human and murine genetics suggest that ERalpha is the key target for estradiol action on bone, uterus and breast. To date, the molecular mode of action of estradiol and selective estradiol receptor modulators (SERMs) on bone is not fully(More)
  • See-Mong Tan, Zhigang Chen, Roy H Campbell, Helen Y Chen
  • 2007
In this paper, we study video data carried on Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks. We concern ourselves with the interactions of high level protocols that are specialized for video. In particular, we study the performance of the Video Datagram Protocol, VDP, originally developed to carry video over the Internet, and its suitability for carrying video(More)
Parallel applications combine the power of a large number of commodity processors to solve a single problem, distributing their global data structures throughout the memory of all participating clustered computers. As such, they can benefit greatly from the ability to share data using a single file system that can provide a common view to the filesystem's(More)
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