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BACKGROUND There are few studies that examine the processes that interdisciplinary teams engage in and how we can design health information systems (HIS) to support those team processes. This was an exploratory study with two purposes: (1) To develop a framework for interdisciplinary team communication based on structures, processes and outcomes that were(More)
The Malaria in Pregnancy (MiP) Library is a bibliographic database that was created by the MiP Consortium in 2005 and is updated every four months using a standardized search protocol. A bibliometric review was conducted of the contents of the Library to determine dynamics in the type, content and volume of literature on malaria in pregnancy over time. Data(More)
1. Ontological Candor Since his ontological conversion on the road to supervenience physicalism, John Heil has been proselytizing about ontological candor, and peddling his and Charlie Martin's dual-aspect theory of properties as a somewhat magical cure for " the current malaise in the philosophy of mind " (Heil 1999, 2000). Properties have both(More)
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