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Women and Death. Vol. 2, Warlike women in the German literary and cultural imagination since 1500
Warlike women are a recurring phenomenon in German literature and culture since 1500. Amazons, terrorists, warrior women -- this volume of essays by leading scholars from the UK and Germany analyzes
The Cambridge History of German Literature
List of contributors Preface Acknowledgements 1. The Carolingian period and the early Middle Ages (750-1100) Brian O. Murdoch 2. The high and later Middle Ages (1100-1450) Nigel F. Palmer 3. The
Europa triumphans : court and civic festivals in early modern Europe
Preface General introductions The festivals for Henri III in Cracow, Venice, Orleans and Rouen, R.J. Knecht Festivals in Genoa in the 16th and 17th centuries, Maria Ines Aliverti Festivals in
Court Culture in Dresden
Court Culture in Dresden is a succinct survey of the development of the culture at the court of electoral Saxony from the mid-sixteenth to the early eighteenth century. The book is divided into seven
Court Culture In Dresden: From Renaissance to Baroque
List of Illustrations Introduction Acknowledgements Genealogical Tables The Lutheran Legacy: The Albertine Electors and Protestant Court Culture The Italian Ideal: The Sixteenth Century Reception of
Tournaments and their Relevance for Warfare in the Early Modern Period
as though it were a theatrical event, important possibly as political propaganda, but otherwise, in the words of Anglo, ’un element d6coratif peu a propose Anglo professes himself to be astonished