Helen Stott

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BACKGROUND The relationships between severity of neuropsychological (NP) deficits and quantity and duration of alcoholic drinking remain controversial. Eckardt et al. (1998) proposed that NP deficits can be observed only if chronicity of alcohol abuse equals or exceeds 10 years. In this study we tested the hypothesis of Eckardt et al. and reexamined the(More)
In a previous study, Wrigley's chewing gum was shown to reduce cravings to smoke and nicotine withdrawal when smokers were not allowed access to cigarettes. The present study expanded these findings by examining smoking behavior of 20 dependent cigarette smokers who were allowed free access to cigarettes throughout the study session but were encouraged and(More)
This report gives the 5-year findings of a double-blind study of long-term cytotoxic chemotherapy as an adjuvant to surgery in patients receiving busulphan or cyclophosphamide for carcinoma of the bronchus compared with a group receiving a placebo. Of 243 patients initially allocated busulphan, 234 cyclophosphamide and 249 placebo, 28%, 27% and 34%(More)
The 15-year findings are presented of a double-blind, randomised study planned in 1964 in which cytotoxic chemotherapy with either busulphan or cyclophosphamide prescribed to be given daily for 2 years as an adjuvant to surgery was compared with placebo in the treatment of 726 patients with carcinoma of the bronchus. The two cytotoxic agents administered in(More)
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