Helen Sanderson

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Apoptosis is a physiological program for the deletion of cells in which caspases govern events leading to safe clearance by phagocytes. However, a growing weight of evidence now suggests that not all forms of programmed cell death are caspase-dependent. We now report a complete and constitutive but caspase-independent program for the specific phagocytic(More)
The nuclear pore complex (NPC) conducts macromolecular transport to and from the nucleus and provides a kinetic/hydrophobic barrier composed of phenylalanine-glycine (FG) repeats. Nuclear transport is achieved through permeation of this barrier by transport receptors. The transport receptor CRM1 facilitates export of a large variety of cargoes. Export of(More)
A Satisfaction Questionnaire for an Inpatient Mother and Baby Unit was developed covering general psychiatric and specific perinatal aspects of the service. In a study of 41 women admitted over one year twenty returned the completed questionnaire. Among respondents overall satisfaction with the service was very high and women preferred it to a general(More)
Depression in older people is common, under-recognised and often undertreated. This study aimed to explore the reasons why older people with depression may not present to primary care. Secondary analysis was carried out, of qualitative data collected in two previous studies in North-West England. Older people are reluctant to recognise and name 'depression'(More)
Person-centered planning is central to United Kingdom policies regarding the support of people with intellectual disabilities. However, little evidence exists on the impact or cost of introducing person-centered planning. We examined the efficacy, effectiveness, and costs of introducing person-centered planning for 93 people with intellectual disabilities(More)
Recent research suggests that person centred planning (PCP) can have a positive impact on the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. This article presents data from open-ended comments collected during research on the impact of PCP on the life experiences of 65 people with intellectual disabilities living in England. These comments addressed the(More)
Characteristics of successful and unsuccessful family-care parents who served mentally retarded/developmentally disabled children and adults residing in a county in upstate New York were examined. Location (urban vs. rural) did not significantly discriminate successful and unsuccessful homes. Successful family caretakers were, however, generally older and(More)
BACKGROUND Recent research in the USA and UK indicates that person-centred planning (PCP) can lead to improvements in lifestyle-related outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities (ID). It is clear, however, that the introduction of PCP does not have an equal impact for all participants. The aim of the present paper was to identify factors associated(More)