Helen S. Apthorp

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This study examined whether adult speech production and oral reading were related independent of auditory short-term memory and vocabulary. Forty-four university students served as subjects for the study. They ranged in age from 17 to 28 years old; 26 were men and 18 were women; 11 were students with learning disabilities and 33 were students without(More)
Research and related literature were reviewed to summarize evidence on the effectiveness of different instructional practices for helping Native American students meet standards. In English language arts, 16 reports were reviewed. In mathematics, 8 reports were reviewed. Findings were mixed for the effectiveness of teaching Indigenous language and literacy(More)
According to Education Week's annual review of education, Quality Counts (2001), all fifty states have established policies about standards, although Iowa requires only local district standards. All states have student-testing programs in literacy and mathematics, and the state tests are increasingly being used to hold students and educators accountable.(More)
SREE 2011 Abstract Submission ID #92 2011 SREE Abstract Proximal Effects of Robust Vocabulary 1 Background / Context: Student vocabulary growth needs to be a priority of instruction if schools are to meet the goal of helping every student become college and career ready. With more challenging expectations for academic achievement, the importance of(More)
Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) is a private nonprofit corporation located in Denver, Colorado. We provide field tested, research-based products and services in the following areas: The McREL logo and " Converting Information to Knowledge " are trademarks of McREL. Other trademarks are the properties of the respective owners, and(More)
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