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OBJECTIVE To assess the implantation, pregnancy, and live birth rates after the transfer of frozen-thawed embryos (FET) in a natural or hormonal control cycle. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING National Health Service tertiary referral center for reproductive medicine in Manchester, United Kingdom. PATIENT(S) Two comparable groups of women with(More)
Apoptosis during preimplantation development has received much interest because of its potential role in eliminating defective cells. Although development in humans is characterised by a high degree of genetic abnormality, little is known of the regulation of apoptosis in embryos. By PolyA PCR we analysed expression of 11 BCL-2 genes in individual human(More)
OBJECTIVES This research studied the correlates of health insurance status among three major subpopulations (Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban) of adult (ages of 20 to 64) Latino women. METHODS Data from the Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (HHANES), 1982-1984, were examined to determine the percentages of health insurance coverage among(More)
In-home care has grown rapidly in the past decade and has become increasingly complex. Accompanying these changes has been a resurgence of what was once thought to be an endangered if not extinct species, the physician house call. This paper is concerned with the involvement in the provision of physician home visits by large medical groups, and with how(More)
The aged are the heaviest users of physician services. A ageing population and escalation in medical costs have pressured Medicare budgets, which have increased fastest in Part B physician reimbursement. Policy responses include adoption of the Resource Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS) for physician payment. This paper considers receipt of Medicare(More)
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